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The Neuromarketing Event

Anamaria Dorgo

Building communities at Butter and L&D Shakers

By unlocking the power of collaboration through facilitation, Anamaria boosts the collective creativity and innovation.

Anamaria is described as one of the biggest connectors in the global L&D industry, leading the L&D Shakers community.

Which is exactly the reason why Anamaria is hosting and facilitating the panel on Consumer Psychology during the Neuromarketing Event.

Anamaria's mission is to create the perfect space where Facilitators, Experts, Trainers, Design Thinkers, Innovation and Strategy Consultants can team up, share best practices, tackle challenges collectively, learn and accelerate their careers together with like-minded people.

Keep me posted about the next edition of The Neuromarketing Event in October 2023.

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